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Woodside Therapeutic Massage is a small, client-oriented practice specializing in Swedish relaxation massage.   We aim to help clients alleviate stress and its negative effects on the body.  At Woodside Therapeutic Massage, we pride ourselves on offering individualized sessions focusing on each client's needs.

We offer a range of services at competitive prices including 60 and 90 minute full-body Swedish massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, Japanese Zen Facial and on-site chair massage.  Our flexible service, caring approach, and experience will help fulfill the needs of every body.

Do you have acute or chronic pain, stiffness, muscle tension, increased stress or any other chronic condition? Massage therapy may be the answer you're looking for. Indulge yourself in peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation today!
Great Massage & Very Good Handling Covid 
Kim has always been a great massage therapist.  I’ve missed massages when we couldn’t come.  But she has been great about keeping a safe facility.  She wears a mask.  You wear a mask (which you barely notice one the massage starts).  The facility is so clean.  It feels really safe—which is appreciated because massage is so vital to our mental and physical health.
Maggie D.  Jul 24, 2020
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Massage for sore back, and helpful suggestions for pain relief 
Kim's massage was a welcome relief for intense lower back pain I've had for awhile.  Her suggestions for certain exercises and body movements to lessen the pain have helped.  She also recommended not using a heating pad, as it would only increase the inflammation in the lower back inflamed area/ muscles; and use my cool/ semi frozen gel pack instead.  These were much better instructions than what a physical therapist had told me (use heating pad).
Adrienne A.  Jul 24, 2020
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Great to be able to be back with Kim! 
I just had my first appointment with Kim since the re-opening since COVID-19.  She has her safety procedures well in place.   I felt completely safe, we both wore masks and hand sanitizer was plentiful.  She keeps her clients up to date with her  procedures.  So glad to be in my routine with Kim and thankful she was able to re-open her business.
P.B.  Jul 4, 2020
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Essential oil service 
My first appointment post COVID-19 was such a wonderful experience.  Additional paper work was prepared at home, the office and service areas were prepped and as welcoming as in the past.  Needless to say, Kim’s healing hands calmed body and soul.
Jeannine L  Jun 30, 2020
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Great massage! 
Kim was just wonderful!  Feel so much better after her magic hands!  She targeted my problem Areas and now I feel great!  Thank you again.
Dorcas D  Mar 1, 2020
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Consistently superior massages 
Can’t say enough about Kim.  I have been going to her for years.  She is very professional and gives a wonderful massage.  She is especially good about accessing where to concentrate the massage on based on the specific areas that I may have pain or tightness in.
J.L.  Jan 10, 2020
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Outstanding massage from a professional. 
Kim is an outstanding massage therapist.  Her location is convenient, quiet and relaxed.  She is a caring professional who understands her clients.
D.T.  Jan 1, 2020
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Just What I Needed 
My first visit to see Kim and she was nice, professional and didn't fall asleep during what can sometimes be a boring relaxation massage.  I appreciated receiving exactly what I asked for.
Robin Anderson  Sep 23, 2019
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Tremendous therapist 
Another awesome massage from Kim.  It was long overdue and I decided to buy the 5 massage package (great savings) so I don't delay again.  I would recommend Kim based on her knowledge of the body and her talent is endless.
Mary Manwaring  Aug 8, 2019
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A solution the natural way 
I received a recommendation to try massage therapy for a TMJ issue and find myself referring friends when any conversations include muscular complaints.  Kim is professional, knowledgeable and kind.  The environment is relaxed and very clean.  I have noticed an improvement and very happy with the results.
D.N.  Jun 16, 2019
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Top Notch! 
As others have commented, Kim is outstanding. She is caring, knowledgeable and professional in every way.  She provides very helpful suggestions and does a fantastic job addressing my issues.  I highly recommend her.
Kathy S  Jun 3, 2019
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Wonderful therapy 
Kim is great and puts you at ease.  Not only does she focus on problem areas (my lower back is consistently an issue for me), she helps with advice on stretches and positions that can help prevent the pain.
will c  May 30, 2019
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